photo 7a510f44-b35d-4ba1-b8ff-1996c817d7e1_zps434cff5a.jpg this fit cray!

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  • fitblrs: why does water cost more than soda
  • fitblrs: why does a salad cost more than a hamburger
  • fitblrs: why does fruit cost more than candy
  • fitblrs: why do vegetables cost more than chips
  • fitblrs: why do workout clothes cost more than cute shirts
  • fitblrs: why do sports bras cost more than regular bras
  • fitblrs: why does spandex cost more than jean shorts
  • fitblrs: why


i work at a gym largely frequented by older women, and today as one of them left after her workout she accidentally pulled the entire door handle off and just slowly looked at her bicep in horror as if she was terrified of her new strength. it was beautiful.

You wont be successful at losing weight until you get over the idea of “fast”. Stop looking for quick fixes. Stop putting harmful chemicals in your body, stop buying unnecessary pills, stop starving yourself. Eat clean, do cardio, strength train, and have patience. Trust the process. You’ll get there.

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